Climbing the ladder of His will: November 2006

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thoughts to think about #15

Today in my history I was reading about the early Spainish and Portuguese explorers to the "New World". I was sobered when I read that they were sent to witness to the natives and instead they would offer them salvation in Spanish (which the natives obviously couldn't understand) and state that if they didn't accept it they would kill them. Then they would storm the natives kill them and take all of their gold and treasure! Sometime later a man by the name of Las Casas went to witness to these natives, sadly they were cold to him because of their previous encounters with the "Christian" explorers.
What kind of a example are we being for those around us?

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Hey everyone,
I just wanted to ask you all what did you do for thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

America's downfall

I personally believe that America is on its way down. Why are so many people against Christians, hateful towards eachother, racists, thieves, adulterers, murderers, and yet so much more? The first of three reasons I think is because of:

1. Abortion
A. With more and more pro-abortion leaders getting into powerful positions abortion will sky rocket! You think about it, there are already several hundred abortion clinics in the U.S! What will this do to them? The more money that they get, the more they will flourish and the more abortions they will be able to preform.
B. Abortion is killing so many lives! Not only good ones but those who may have been able to make a good change to America!
C. Abortion is turning us cold, the more we get used to it, the less we will fight it! The less we fight it, the worse it gets and the more weak we become. Don't let it get under you, see it for what it is, cold-blooded murder!
D. Abortion gives people the idea that they can do what they want without having to pay consequences! Is this a right outlook on the world? What happens when these people get into authority? We will have an even more ruined economy.

A. This seems like an unusual reason for the downfall of America, doesn't it? I believe that it is one of the worst! Let's sit down and discuss it for a moment. If you have ever read Proverbs you know that it clearly states that material things bring ruin to a man. Wealth is one. Many use wealth to build a little shell around them as a protection against any disaster that may come their way. When they get an infection, sick, or dent their brand new car, they throw money at it and expect it to fix it.This won't last long, when they run out of money what do they do? They are forced to work, which they don't want to do.
B. When we rely to much on money, our original supports of rhyme and reason go out the window! The old supports our forefathers put up for us to build on have been knocked out of place! Christian base, those who ask for wisdom from God, not money.
C. Debt is part of having too much wealth, not seeing a need to really work and save money just to survive is so dangerous! The 'extra' money is used to try to earn money by buying lottery tickets!Gambling is insane and I believe a God to many people! How many times have you stepped up to the counter and the person in front of you is buying lottery tickets?!
D. People have created a love for money instead of others and the LORD! Why do you think there are those who rob banks, kill people for their inheritance to come, and cheating others for a dollar? Money! People see it as the answer to all their problems, it isn't! Only Christ can solve our problems and give us our real needs!

3. The third and final reason ,I believe, is because of feud and friction in our own country.
A. America is made up of so many different peoples. People from all over the world come here seeing it as a refuge for them. Chinese, Koreans, Africans, Europeans you name it! The problem doesn' lie here, but a step after. So many people are racist. Why can't we allow those of a different country to live in ours? They are many times looking for work just to live! Hate has so filled America into to putting herself above other people! We are all God's, made by Him, and made to serve him, not fight with people just becasue of the skin color or the way they dress, what they eat etc.! There are those who are trying to bust thhe gates of controlling immigration. I am not for illegals, I do not support those trying to get into our country to sell drugs. I am not being racist here, I love these people. They need Christ, and I need to show them him, but for the sake of our country we cannot allow in. I have to go to them.
B. Political friction plays I think the biggest role in the whole thing. We can't even keep our country's leader together and in unition, there are always fights, disagreement, debt, wrong moves and through it we are just stretching the band of unity farther and farther away! We can't even keep our country under control, how do we expect to do help others!?

The last resort America has is Christ. If we refuse Him we will certainly collapse.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thoughts to think about # 14

Do you have an internal desire in you to read God's Word and dwell on it all day? Hopefully you do. But I am sure there are some of you out there who don't, you want to but you just don't have it! You are getting frustrated with yourself. Don't worry, none of us can desire the Word on our own. Only the Holy Spirit can give it to us. Go to God pleading for a want to read the scripture, pray everyday and he will give you a zeal for the Bible. Just remember the more we become like Christ the less we are like ourselves. We cannot do this on our own. The more we realize how weak we are the closer we will go to God for strength.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Thoughts to think about #13

Why were hymns written?
Because of the beautiful meldoy and harmony mix. Don't you agree?
I hope you don't. Hymns were written as a message to Christians, words from past Christians put into the best possible way. Poetry is better than just plain words, isn't it? Poetry put to music is even better. That is what Hymns are, God's word and thoughts from others of those long ago and now. I challenge you to think about the words in these hymns, not just sing. It is a real blessing.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thoughts to think about #12

What is your primary goal you want to accomplish in life? That is a pivotal question in all America, and all the world. In Ecclesiastes it says, "Naked a man comes from his mother's womb, and as he comes, so he departs." what will you pursue as your target throughout your life? To be a famous musician? Writer? Be wealthy? All these ideals and many more are vain and worthless. Think about it. Man can take nothing with him through death, so what is the use of even accomplishing anything in this life? There is one thing though that is important and everlasting, Salvation through Jesus Christ. With him our life goals can be effective and important. To bring glory to God is more important than to show others how 'good' you are. Christ is life, Christ is light and He is the only one that will stick with us even through death. So why pursue something that is mortal and dies in the most important place and time?
~For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. -Matthew 6:21

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thought to think about #11

Have you every looked into Ecclesiastes? Solomon learned one of thes most valuable lessons in life, material possesions+me = unhappiness. Why don't we learn? We always are looking for happiness in things! I challenge you this week to try to find happiness in the LORD not man.