Climbing the ladder of His will: Worship

Saturday, September 06, 2008


What is Christian worship? If you lift your hands during a christian contemporary song does that mean you're praising God more than someone who just sings hymns? I say no, there is no reason why music should change our heart feelings of worship, it's all in the heart...yes of course a beat and nice guitar playing may stimulate is to lift our that wrong? I don't see why...but I do think music causes us to praise God, why not? If nature can, if relationships can, why not music? And why can't lyrics? honestly, the tunes of hymns can drive me to praise God just as much as an electric guitar rockin' to praise words.
A type of music can cause us to praise God more than another, but I don't think we should rely strictly on that...there is place for words of praise. This sounds contradicting to itself...I guess it could's called me doing my best to be openminded. ;-)


At 9:24 PM, Blogger Miss Hayes said...

I think this is an interesting topic. To me...because God calls us to be doers of His word..worship can come in different forms and on different levels. I've seen people slain in the spirit, worshipping God and speaking in tongues; and this all started while listening to music.
But I think one's lifestyle - how you carry yourself, the conversations you enter with others, the way you treat people, etc. - is a form of worship as well...
Interesting topic!

At 5:34 AM, Blogger Emily said...

i remember (i think it was you, keith?) said something on jen's blog about worshipping even while mowing the lawn. maybe i've got the wrong guy, but that still holds a point to it. we should be worshipping God with our lives, overall. of course, i go to a very contemporary charismatic church. but that doesn't mean i'm taught to only worship on sunday mornings/evenings/wednesday nights. that's just stupid! Satan will definitely get a foothold on that, no doubt about it. kind of like you said, hymns can touch me just as much as a guitar solo. if it's all for the glory of God, and not for ourselves, it's all good.


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